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Welcome! This is an image archive with one single rule; pictures must be of famous, infamous, or otherwise well-known people, with a telephone. This archive is always growing, and there’s always room for improvement. This site was originally created by The Great Rob T. Firefly before he handed it over to phonelosers.org.


Ed Gardner

As Archie the Manager in classic radio’s "Duffy’s Tavern"
anonymous submission

Jennie Garth

From 90210, better known as the blonde who wasn’t Tori Spelling
Gee, I wish MY daddy were producer..

Sarah Michelle Gellar

From "Scream"
Hey fella

From "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
I bet you're still livin' in your parents' cellar downloadin' pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar

From "Cruel Intentions"
2 minutes of this movie were really cool, skip the rest.

Richard Gere

Actor, hairdo.
Ditched Cindy Crawford for someone named Carey Lowell.
submitted by Grey Frequency

Gina Gershon

The reason late-night cable was invented
Wow. Ummmm.... Wow. Yep, Wow.

Mel Gibson

From "Ransom," with Renee Russo.
GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!  ...And could I have fries with that?

Emmanuel Goldstein

2600 grand poobah, and hacker icon in
He's a nice guy, too.

These two were taken by the webmaster at the recent H2K2 hacker convention in New York City.   Incidentally,
that’s my phone card he’s got.
He was having some trouble getting through on the hotel's phone system, so I donated that phonecard to him.
Incidentally, it didn't work anyway.  The circuits were busy.

Samuel Goldwyn

See Eddie Cantor

Albert Gore

Former Vice President of the United States, possible election winner.
From BBC News

Gary Graham

Notorious death-row inmate.  With the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
From El Mundo

Cary Grant

Simultaneously taking a phone call and wooing Ingrid Bergman in a
celebrated scene from Hitchcock’s "Notorious"
from Ingrid and Isabella

... ...
from CaryGrant.net

From Greatest Films

From "Indiscreet."  One Cary Grant for formal, another
for casual.
... ...
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

A series of images from "His Girl Friday," one of my favorite
movies, which was an adaptation of "The Front Page," one of my favorite stage
plays.  Cary Grant as Walter Burns and Rosalind Russell as Hildy Johnson.
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

From Reel Classics

From The Shrine to Cary

Grant with James Gleason in a scene from "Once Upon a Time."
  As an anonymous fan put it, the film "tells the story of a dancing caterpillar
that becomes a symbol of hope for mankind (yeah, they don’t make ’em like THAT
With a description like that, I'll HAVE to rent this one of these days.
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Grant with a girl, a phone, and in a booth, but not, alas, with a girl
in a phone booth, in "That Touch of Mink"
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Grant with a girl in a phone booth, and with his crazy aunts, in
"Arsenic and Old Lace"
... ...
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Grant in the screwball "Bringing Up Baby"
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Lobby Card art from a "Crisis," with Paulina Raymond and Jose
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Grant and Jean Simmons in "The Grass is Always Greener"
That's Jean Simmons, not Gene Simmons. ...
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

Peter Greene

As mob boss Dorian Tyrel in "The Mask"
I've seen him in only one other movie, and he was blonde in it.

George Grizzard

Guest-starring in the "Twilight Zone" episode "The
... ...
From The Fifth Dimension

Gene Hackman

Playing a wiretapper in "The Conversation"
Nothing like a Coppola film.  I did fall asleep during this one, though.

Neil Hamilton

As Police Commisioner Gordon in the classic "Batman" series.
"Thank God Batman is around, or I'd actually have to do my damn job."
submitted by Thomas Splinter

Tom Hanks

From the old sitcom "Bosom Buddies" starring Tom Hanks and
Peter Scolari
I'm still goofy and zany now.. ..but in ten or fifteen years, mark my words.. ..I'll be in nothing but weepy chick movies!  Really, I will!

Oliver Hardy

See Laurel and Hardy

Corey Hart

’80s rocker in the "Sunglasses At Night" music video
"I wear my sunglasses at night" One of the approximately two hundred 1980s celebrities named "Corey."
submitted by Eric Adcock

Teri Hatcher

Ex-Lois Lane
She was prettier before the anorexia.

Tom Hauck

"SHOW ME DA... aw, screwit."
submitted by Mr. Phractal

Richard Haydn

Guest-starring in the "Twilight Zone" episode "A Thing
About Machines."
From The Fifth Dimension

Isaac Hayes

Musician / actor / baaaad mutha…
I want a pair of shades like those. I want a robe like that. Bankruptcy sucks.

Ted Healy

Old-time actor, perhaps best known for his work with the Three Stooges.
Perhaps better known for double-dealing the Stooges...
From tedhealy.com
submitted by Eric Adcock

With the Stooges in "Meet the Baron"
anonymous submission

Jon Heder

Calling home for his chapstick in Napolean Dynamite
Napoloean Dynamite calling home for his chapstick.
Thanks to Amy for snapping this picture in a theater.

Audrey Hepburn

1940s – 60s movie goddess
submitted by Eric Adcock

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant as Tracy Lord and and Dexter Haven, in
"Philadelphia Story."
That's Tracy Lord, not Traci Lords.  Although, Kate Hepburn as Traci Lords would be an interesting film indeed...
From The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages

From The Shrine to Cary

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I’ve got an overabundance of Ms. Love Hewitt, thanks to this page
I don't really care what you did last summer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...... ... ...

Benny Hill

Classic British comic
Oh, no!!  I'm running out of buxom blondes!
submitted by J. D.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

submitted by Jammie

Alfred Hitchcock

One of the greatest film directors of all time.
Hitch enjoyed making a brief cameo in each of his household appliances.
From Depthography

Earl Holliman

Guest-starring in the very first "Twilight Zone" episode,
"Where Is Everybody?"
From The Fifth Dimension

Katie Holmes

Actress, Dawson’s Creeker
"Not now... I'm on the phone."
submitted by Johnny Monoxide

Anthony Hopkins

As the title character in "Hannibal"
"Clarice... you're played by an inferior actress now, aren't you Clarice...?"
from Movieweb

Whitney Houston

Well-known co-dependent singer in her music video for "How Will I
"How will I know.. if Bobby's gonna slap me..." "Just calling my dealers..."
submitted by Eric Adcock


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