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I wrote this article on tapping and recording phone calls for fun purposes! Stuff like recording prank telephone calls and screwing with people and stealing credit card numbers and jumping into peoples’ phone conversations for fun and profit! It seems like all anybody is interested in is tapping the phones of their spouses or their kids. What kind of person are you to spy on your own kids just because you think they’re sexually active!?!! Guess what, moms and dads – teenagers have sex! There have been actual studies and apparently it’s a very normal thing. Don’t spy on your kids, people. I mean, who’s the bigger idiot – the teenager who’s living a very normal life by having sex or a parent who’s spying on their own kids with phone taps?

And tapping the phone of your spouse? Okay, so that’s not quite as messed up as tapping your kid’s phones, but still…how about you spend that money on some flowers and a dinner for your spouse instead of a phone tap. Put all that phone tapping energy into spicing up your marriage instead. If there is so little trust in your relationship that you think you need to tap their phones then there’s a good chance that you need to get out of the relationship. Find somebody that you can trust instead of wasting all your time being suspicious of someone you can’t trust.

In short – good communication with your loved ones will never involve tapping and recording equipment.

Dr. Pepper

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Susie from Maryland – 03/08/0608:13:21: Someone actually ran a completely new phone line to the demarc box on my house to the community phone box. The two house phone number we have are now one and the other number doesn’t work. The phone company wants to charge us to fix it. Bastards.. someone is using my phone and I can’t do a thing about it. I’m about to go to the main box and try to (Somehow?!) identify my phone line and fix it permanently. THose Fuckers!

Innocent from Florida – : I guess my phone is being tapped by the police directly through the phone company. They THINK my husband, who is incarcerated for the first time in his life, who has no record whatsoever, has a crystal meth lab. So they arrested him on some trumped up and some made up charges. One of the charges is a no bond charge. Is it legal for them to tap my line?

Jack from BIG D TX – 03/06/0606:39:53: Can the Feds activate the voice channel on a cell phone on a remote location and listen in a conversation in a room without you knowing it?

Max from IL – 02/20/0611:39:09: i might sound paranoid, but i think that my employer is listening to my cell phone conversations. there are so many strange coincidences that surround my cell phone conversations. i was creeped out so i changed my number. the very next day, the owner’s uncle (who also works with me) called my company phone & asked me for my girlfriend’s full name.-FOR NO REASON AT ALL! The thing is that my home phone is in my girlfiends name… if my conversations R being monitored somehow, how can i prove it?

Sandy from Idaho – 02/18/0600:56:22: does anyone know how much trouble you can get in if you redord and play to others phone converstations in your own home. Some authorities say its legal, while others say it is not.
Reply from webmaster: You forgot to read this page, didn’t you?

Tony from Riverside, CA – 02/15/0613:23:07: Can anyone tell me phone symptoms of a cellular tap at the law enforcememnt level? You guys are a great source. THX

Dude from Delaware – : That crap about your pc picking up and decripting your cell phone waves is crap. You’d need a microwave antenna to first intercept the signal. Then it might be possible, but decrypting 128-bit AES is not an easy feat.

Kay – 02/12/0611:19:24: Please answer this Q: How to know or listen to my friends cell phones calls?
Reply from webmaster: A: You are not a good “friend.”

Susie from Mass – 02/09/0617:44:07: I hear a weird sound in the background of my cell phone once the call is connected. it’s only when i call certain people. how can I tell if someone is tapped into my cell phone?

Marisol Juarbe from Florida – July 02, 2006: Can someone tap into my cellphone conversations? It seems like my boss knows everything i say over the phone. I also have at home VoIP. Thank you!

DDR from Georgia – July 17, 2006: Well I work for one of the nation’s top telcos. Yes, they can observe and trace lines. Yes, if you want it done you better have a court order to get it done. The same goes with most of you network data which is protected federally by CPNI law. Both of the companies I have work with in my career has taken a pretty harsh stand on breaking these laws. I go through training every year on these laws.

Alan Ho Tai from West Palm Beach – August 17, 2006: What about taps on Vonage type telephone computers by the gov’t or individuals?

JJ from DC – August 04, 2006: Just so you know, the Radio Shack wireless phone recorder only works with some cellphones. It specifically does not work with Nokia, because their headset jack is not a standard 2.5 mm (two stripe) jack.

ME – August 04, 2006: Depending on the layout/topology of the phone network, it may be possible to check whether or not you are being tapped by government. I used to be able to do this on GSM 5 years ago. What you do is call ur own number from that same phone you want to check. If you get a busy signal than everything is okay. If ur phone is being tapped you get a loopback and you may hear a ring or two, or a different signal depending on the network. This used to work (europe) and may still work in some networks.

Hash from Crenshaw Mafia,Compton,CA – July 27, 2006: Can Someone Trace Your On Your Cell After U Take Your SIM Card Out

Nichole from Houston – July 20, 2006: When a person states they here a different sound on their cell phone when calling certain numbers, it is not because their phone is tapped. When you call from your cell to other people, the call is routed from a phone through the tower to a LANDLINE switch. At the switch the call is diverted back to a landline provider who then routes it to the destination be it a home phone or cell phone. So regardless of what you think, cellphones are not completely wireless, all calls goes to a landline.

DDR from Georgia – July 17, 2006: If the telco cannot provide the recording it is an automatic $10,000.00 fine, if the customer in question has a pic freeze the fine jumps to $50,000.00.

DDR from Georgia – July 17, 2006: Have you ever ordered telephone service that at the end of the order you was transferred to another agent who verified the order? If so that verification portion of the call was recorded. Did you know when it happened? In that case it is federally mandated that the telcos have a third party verify and record that transaction. If you file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission stating the telco slammed your service. The FTC will request the recording of the transaction.

Land Line from USA – December 01, 2006: Actually there are other ways to record conversations. You could run ur phone through the modem on ur computer and download software that records ur conversaions!!!

Josh from Atlanta – November 05, 2006: stephen…try radio shack’s website

Lee – October 21, 2006: With the invent of call recording companies, is there a way to verify that an incoming call is not being routed to any other number but the intended reciever.

Chris from Sprint WOrld Headquarters – October 18, 2006: No one has posted here recently but I figured I would go ahead and provie a little bit of insite. I work at Sprint PCS’ Corporate Security Office and deal with the FBI, Police etc everyday in reguards to phone records. Just about anyone with any authority can obtain your phone records. A lawyer, clerk, police offer, deputy, whoever, can fill out a simple subpoena requesting anyones records. As far as cell phone taps go, it happens a lot to be honest .

MERY from RI – October 03, 2006: GREAT SITE ,I am aware that there are 3 ways to tap a cellphone, which are using: a PC, a cellphone, and the software. The software catches the waves over the phone.What is the software? Can someone please explain to me what items are needed for each and where can I purchace these item(the internet or a store). Also how can I copy information from one SIMcard to another. The cellphone that I want to tap is RAZOR MOTOROLA can someone please explain how to tap my email

Behind the times in Minnesota – September 30, 2006: I have had someone stalking me for about three years and he used someone close to me who had access to my cell phone I know he has been listening to my cell phone conversations and I have been told by every company for months that is impossible With the discovery of this website I now know it can be done. Please let me know how and how I can prove it so I can nail this you know what!

RolandLONDON from London – September 26, 2006: I wish to record from my mobile or cell phone, to record onto a minidisc, so basically out from my phone to a minijack, or phono (RCA ) male out? any ideas where i can get that cable?

john from mtl ,canada – September 26, 2006: it si possible to record a cell phone conversationcuz i read this article in the news paper they other day .this compagny just pout out this device,its a program for a pc that aloud u to record a cell phone conversation i’ve been looking for it ever since

02/09/06 – Craig from Lakeville: my girlfriend whom I dont live with knows who I call on my cell phone like within hours how?

02/08/06 – Oggie from Spain: How and where can i find out if my mobile phone has been tapped and my calls recorded

02/07/06 – kiran padival from india / banglore : do u hv any info on how to tap a gsm cell phone?or cloning a gsm sim card?

02/03/06 – andrea from ct: i think my father has recorded one of my phone calls and i wanted to know how he could do that…he was trying to get the recording on the cordless phone…was he just lying about it to scare me off….oor did he really record my conversation?

01/30/06 – SoThatsWhatYouSaid from UK: Am feeling sooo smug after getting my builder to cut his charges to what he quoted me before doing the work. Used this recording service called recordmycall to record all our call, then when I got the bill I played back to him what he said in the first place.

01/30/06 – Dave from Indianapolis: …I’d like to tap my gf’s cellphone from my apartment, is this possible? I know it is, due to the fact she had one of her friends (that used to work for nasaa) tap my shit. Anybody know how its done?

01/29/06 – vern from WV: I like the hit them hard comment about the tap mumbers

01/26/06 – Anonymous from Tennessee: I feel that whoever is tapping your phone call should have to notify you within a certain amount of time. I think government phone taps are used to frame everyone you know.

01/25/06 – Tatersalad from Oh: You cant tap a cell unless they are feds, so dont wory about that, and if ure ex has tapped your phone and u can prove it just call the cops,,,,,,duh!

01/22/06 – jimmy from montreal,canada: dear sir , I have the In line Phone Cassette Recorder from radio shack part # 430-0473 Nexxtech, However when I conected to one of my phone jack in the house it does’s not record , do you think it is becouse I have High Speed phone internet even though I use filter or is it becouse I have a wireless phones all over the house, Please help?

01/20/06 – diane from pa: what can i use to tap into my husbands cell phone?

01/20/06 – Kay from Tampa, Florida: thank you… my boyfriend was tripping out thinking his phone was tapped… now, i gave him a project (looking for a tap) lol…

01/19/06 – Alan from Boston: Another inline phone-recording software program that I use that works very well is the

01/18/06 – Lindsay from Toronto: I stripped a phone handset cord, and soldered the red and black wires (of the 4 conductor wires) to a 1/4

01/18/06 – gerry mac from syracuse: phone tapping is some good fun…..Redick sucks

01/17/06 – Coach from France: The Radio Shack 43-228 controller requires a tape recorder that has the extra plug, which is the $80 model. The controller itself will not record both sides of a phone conversation at the same volume unless it is hooked up to a casette recorder, so it is useless for phone-to-PC recording. Someone who actually invents a device to go from a standard phone LINE (not handset–who the hell has a handset now?) will make a fortune.

01/16/06 – Prison from PA: I use Vonage as my phone service with the VTECH broadband phone. How can I tap my phone conversations? Ohhhh, by the way, you guys are great!

01/15/06 – Emmanuel Tigalya from Aberdeen: Dear Sir, I want to be able to listen in on my landline without my wife knowing.she receives calls when am at work and I want to who she talking to.what discretit technology can apply for this.

01/15/06 – educated from uk: Tenessee boy! He meant replace their phone with your tapped one – with THEIR SIM CARD INSIDE – DUFUS!

01/14/06 – Kevin from Syria: and lately he found out that ive been smoking marijuana lol…. i KNOW that he is tapping the line because he told me what ive been saying on the phone, i dont know if he overheard or he is using another recorder…. and here in syria we dont have telephone boxes. so im sure the only way he could tap is to attach a cassete recorder to the line, any suggestions??

01/14/06 – Kevin from Syria: Hey, im am so glad i stumbled upon this section. here the thing. my fuckin dad has been tapping our phone line like from 10 years ago. thats no problem because he used to tap mom’s phone calls (inline phone casstte recorder)because he hes got this disorder related to being overly suspecious. anyway, now that im 18, first, i busted down his tape recorder and i actually destroyed it with a hammer in front of him and told him to never tap my calls. but it seems like he got another tapping device…

01/04/06 – Contract Developer from Western United States: I have been working with a client on some custom software for them, and now they are unwilling to pay. I wanted to tape my phone calls with them for court evidence, and your website was exactly what I needed! I first investigated federal and state laws, then I spent less than $100 at Radio Shack for some quality equipment and began recording my every conversation with his office. Turns out I probably won’t need to take him to court after all, but in case I do, I have him on record! Thanks!

01/04/06 – pWn4g3 from CANADA BWAHAHA: thats so phreaking useful. pun intended.

01/04/06 – joany from france: Induction Coil Mic

12/27/05 – BIG D from New Jersey: I know for a fact my job has tapped my cell phone because I hear things I say to customers repeated. I just want to know how I can cause interference to the tap but not the cell phone signal.

12/27/05 – neshoba wolfee from tn: I have a 1000 channel hand held scanner. Is it possible to pick up phone calls with scanners? My sister used to call and tell me everything I had said on the phone and she lived 30 miles friom me. The icker is, her boyfriend lived next door to me. Ihad a scanner (desk set) then and of course a cordless phone. so do ya think she was getting info from him and could he have been recording my calls

12/23/05 – CPJ from Oxford, MS: I have someone who is recording my cell phone conversations and my house phone conversations and sharing the information with their best friend and their mother. It really sucks because this person claims t olove me and trust me but it clearly shows that they don’t. I know that the sound data is being transfered somehow to thier cellphone and to their computer. How in the hell can I protect myself from this? Also, how do I get concrete proof? I know they are doing this because they have the balls to repeat things I have said in my conversations.

12/23/05 – Megan from Carson City, Nevada: I thought the web site was very good. Thank You

12/23/05 – John from California: Do I need a microcassette recorder with a line in jack to record my cell phone?

12/21/05 – Jake S from NJ: Dear host, I am trying to record messages saved on my voice mail. I would like to save it to a digital file or something else permanent and free of distortion. I have to call in to retrieve the messages. What would you suggest?
Reply from webmaster: Did you even read anything on this page before posting?

12/14/05 – Andrea from Cleveland, TN: I think my monster-in-law tapped her phone while I was talking to my husband in jail.Is that illegal in the state of Tennessee?

12/09/05 – adrian from southwestern oregon, USA: a couple of months ago this lady who use to be friends with my mom confessed to robbing my house while i was away at a rock concert. ive browsed through your site to try to find way to record her confessing to doing it. im also happy because oregon is a one party state so i can legally record her confessing and have no problems :). thanks for all the help and good information on your website.

12/03/05 – Jessie from new jersey: my stupid husband & his pig girlfriend have my LL phones tapped, 3 cell phone & have everything loaded on my computer. They want to know where I am at all times so they wired me. my car has something in it also. HELP How can I get them off me???????????

12/02/05 – Nathan Martin from Berkley,MA: I heard something about Motorola phones being able to be used as phone taps, It has something to do with setting a frequency to listen on, I would like to know what specific models have this feature and how I would go about using it. My email is (remove NO and Spam) please tell me any information you know about this.

12/01/05 – fangs from pa: is there a way to rig your scanner to pick up even more phone conversations than just scanning the 900mhz ?

11/29/05 – yea from cali: hey my phone makes this high pitched screeching sound when i pick up the phone sometimes, do you think its tapped? father has tapped our phone in the past hes in another state now but kinda curious as to what this sound is

11/18/05 – suspected being a tapped wife from florida: I appreciate your help and and expertise regarding phone taps; thanks for the site.. I have a pitiful mistrusting husband. he’s a sicko.

10/21/05 – ST from Above u: u are all way behind…now we can see through walls into any home and track u with sound via satelite, just like a bat that can see with its ears in the pitch of night, those signals are interpreted into images…your privacy is a total illusion for your insecurities

10/11/05 – Kathy Fitz from How can I obtain cell phone records, which shows the cell phone tower, which is being used?


10/10/05 – jonny boy wonder from timbuck 2: maaaaaan. ur right these ppl leavin comments r loser for wantin to tap there girlfriends phones and stuff. sheesh. i would wanna go to some random person house and prank em but the TNI box thing wasnt to clear.

10/09/05 – someguy from canada: also another thing to consider is what kind of static/interfearance would cause loud clicking noises? why woul ti only happen after something important was said? digital phones are supposed to have little to no interferance from what I was told when they first came out (digital being so much better in quality etc)

10/09/05 – someguy from canada: part 2—> he is 100% sure he is being tapped due to a conversation he had with a lawyer friend of his. His lawyer told him that when doing a case of another indivisual his name came up repeatly. So when people say that clicking noises after exact times and noises during certain conversations are just static they obviosly do not know what they are talking about. Maybe they are law enforcement just trying to put you off. If you have any thought on this please reply :)

10/09/05 – someguy from canada: Ok out of all the comments I have read on this site and other sites on the internet I have yet to read much about goverment phone taps. My buddy thinks he is being tapped by local law enforcement and we talked about it a little. First of all he said when he talks about certain “touchy” subjects he imediately hears some kind of noise (usually a loud click or clicks) and during normal calls to certain people (like me or his girlfriend mom etc) he hears a click within the first 30secs or so. —–>

10/08/05 – winmx from Lower 48 (not sure which): Good article. But why are people so oblivious? – not about taps but just obvilious in general

10/04/05 – Anonymous from Michigan: Employers can monitor your business email/conversations as well as your personal to include websites visited. Sometimes the excuse is confidentiality, and sometimes they are just being nosy.

10/04/05 – Anonymous from Michigan: Anyway don’t ever think you are not being watched. Land of the free you know.

10/03/05 – lindsay from north carolina: is there a way we as “the cell phone user” request to know if the government has requested to tap our cell phones

09/30/05 – SC from New Jersey: I am aware that there are 3 ways to tap a cellphone, which are using: a PC, a cellphone, and the software. The software catches the waves over the phone.What is the software? Can someone please explain to me what items are needed for each and where can I purchace these item(the internet or a store). Also how can I copy information from one SIMcard to another. The cellphone that I want to tap is a Nextel860 can someone please explain how to tap this cellphone step by step.

09/30/05 – JG From N.Y from your a genius. So there’s no way of tapping a motorola razor phone? I’m still trying to figure out if my phone is tapped or not.

09/30/05 – Zak from To DC from NH – That noise you hear every 20 seconds most likely means that the calls are being recorded. I don’t think that is legal. Check your state laws, use the link RBCP left ( Since you are at work, you shouldn’t be making personal calls anyway. =-P Your boss is probably making sure you treat customers well. (or that you’re not tipping off the police!)

09/28/05 – SC from New Jersey: I feel that my boyfriend is cheating on me b/c every time I stay the night with him he turns his cell phone off, this just started a month ago and I cant take it. I would like to tap his cell phone to see who he talks to and what the’re talking about. I need to no if he’s cheating or if I’m over reacting. He has a nextel 850 can u explain how to tap he’s cell phone step by step. thank u

09/10/05 – Wayne Harris from Tornto Canada: Recording my EX’s phone calls would have saved my house and would have sent her to jail for making false claims to the police. I went to jail for threats I never made and she laughed about it later saying “so I lied to the cops. Cops are stupid, they always believe the woman. Stop taking me to court or I’ll do it again and you won’t get bail the second time.!!!i

09/10/05 – Brandon Toohey from Coeburn,VA: Stop prowling, learn what trust is, if not, like my man on here said, “get the F* outta the relationship. move on, find some else to put up with ya’lls bullshit. peace,.

09/09/05 – MUST KNOW from NJ: You say that “It is possible to tap cell phones. there are different ways. One is using a PC, a cell phone, and the software. The software catches the “waves” over the phone.” Can you please tell so many of us that want to know how to do this. WHAT is that SOFTWARE and where can we get/buy it???? REALLY NEED to KNOW. Thanks. If anyone can help, please e-mail to

09/07/05 – dc from nh: one more thing there is a clicking sound ever 20 sec or so that is heard on the phone,does that mean anything

09/07/05 – DC from NH: I work at this store and me and a few employees are almost postitive the phone is tapped,i can understand the video cameras but is it legal for my boss to be listening in on all my phone calls.this is not a big buisness.its a very small variety store(not a 7-11)smaller and is owned by people from india. im asking because cooments were made about someone calling and he would never know unless he heard the person on the other end.

09/07/05 – bw from from tx: I don’t know if my phone is tapped or not but I can hear convestations and the sound of a scanner talking, but when I turn my scanner on it seam to get locked on a freq and wont scan?also some strange of the wall cable contract comp was in my area changing cable to digtal and they did something at my house three times ever since then i can hear all types of shit through out my house on different level of sounds and not a tv one or radio is on in the house.It’s been going on for months.any advice

09/07/05 – will from tn: my mom has tap my phone an she is puting the taps on the computer and so she busted me on some shit so i started looking arond and found all this shit so just to let u know y i am at this site

09/03/05 – ignignokt from Great site – Great info!!!

09/02/05 – Shanks from Boston, MA: I did use the suction cup from RadioShack. Only my speech is getting recorded, and not the other party’s. One thing different in the set up is: all my phones are cordless. Do you suggest that I should be getting a regular phone, instead? and try. Thanks in advance. Shanks

09/02/05 – Irish from Florida: Divorced..ex-husband calls and threatens to kill my son and me. Am trying to get his custody reduced, need to have a restraining order because I am scared of what he will do when he gets the papers in the mail. Is it legal? His state says yes one party consent, my state I THINK says no. I just need proof of him threatening me and cocking a shotgun in my ear.

09/01/05 – Misty from Edmonton: Is there a way to listen to both sides of a conversation on a cell phone without either party knowing? And not in range of a scanner?

08/31/05 – father figure from Texas: Despite all the bad stuff some people think…in Texas it is LEGAL to tap a phone conversation between U and your X (or soon to be) if you are gettting divorced and need a record of conversation for divorce proceedings…especially when custody will be disputed and the other person is an unfit parent…the conversations prove to be valuable in the proceedings!

08/31/05 – Eileen from Vermont: Is it true that by using a phone card I can circumvent someone trying to listen in to my phone calls? I beleive that my ex-husband is listening in to my and those of the children phone calls.


08/27/05 – DM from New Jersey: If you think tapping in on your kids phone converstions is bad, then how fucked up is it when your 26 year old son taps your phone line and also sends it into pc hard drive which is networked with ex-hubby’s office and monitors every single conversation that i’ve had for months without my knowledge? Got any feedback for me on this one?

08/17/05 – Prisco from Miami,FL: I am trying to find a cell phone tapping machine for a customer in South America, is there such a thing?

08/17/05 – Teresa from Mississippi: On the picture of the TNI box, which thing is the bug and what is RJ-11 “Y” adaptor? Sorry, I am not very learned in this field.

08/15/05 – minerva from oakland: No mike from chicago…….that was me….. :)

08/12/05 – Shawn from Charleston: My phone line is tapped, but the person listening in on to the line is 5 states away how?!?!

08/11/05 – Gil from Pennasylvania: I’m getting anonymous phone calls. Can you trace a number if they are using a calling card?

07/07/05 – Joe from my house: hey, i like doing prank calls with soundboards. Im using modem spy 3.4 and it works, but theres an echo, and not the forgivable kind, its really loud, i was wondering if theres another modem program, similar to modem spy that will let me send the sound from my computer through my modem, or something that will get rid of the echo? please tell me

06/30/05 – RB from Washington: Cadence: Cellular systems are 100% digital. You would hear no artifacts if someone were listening in, and the only way that that can be done is via a court order – unless of course a law enforcement agency has invoked the Patriot Act. Then you can be tapped with zero due process… and you’ll never know. Have you been doing anything that would get the law on your ass?

06/28/05 – odd from maryland: That radioshack induction tap is great fun, not only can you tap a phone with it, but you can hold it to any source of EM radiation, specifically TVs, monitors, stereo equipment, you’ll get some cool, but static-y noise

06/21/05 – myystery from North Bay: I suspect that my boyfriend is cheating on me. And everytime I leave the room or house, I believe that he is calling her. I have gotten my phone bill with this strange phone number on it that has been called many times. I am curious to call it and confront her about who she is. However I am scared that she might tell him about our conversation. What should I do ? Any suggestions ?

06/09/05 – cellular employee from tennessee: you people are seriously wacked…if your phone shuts off or echoes or does some other random not normal thing…it’s probably either A) your shitty phone or B) your cell coverage. And you CAN NOT take someone’s sim card and put it in YOUR phone and have THEIR phone still work normally. Do some research before you post “advice.”

06/09/05 – LB from florida: 6/9/05 – How can I tap my boyfriends new blackberry? Also, how ca I tell if my phone is being tapped?

06/08/05 – Cadance from Saint Louis: Is there a way your Cell Phone company can tell if your phone is tapped by the government and if so are they obligated to tell me if it is? I am military and may just be paranoid but think my cell phone is tapped I have been having bad reception and have been hearing a clicking noise during conversations with certain people…

06/05/05 – bob from from the boonies: I just need to record a message from my cell phone for court purposes.

06/05/05 – Harry from California: Forget the tap. Just by an IC recorder good for eight hours and hide it somewhere

06/04/05 – Brian from Indianapolis: Thanks man..we need more people like you. lol

06/03/05 – Jessi from Florida: On the picture of the TNI box, which part or section is the “tap”?..Sorry, im not very technologically educated

06/02/05 – pillock from your all idiots: hey pillocks!! i think you should all stop wanting to tap phones – maybe normal conversion is needed in most your cases!! I like the comment said earlier – YOU GUYS SHOULD STEP AWAY FROM YOUR CRACK PIPES!!!!!

06/01/05 – Peter from Sweden: how do you tap a phone on an adsl line?

05/31/05 – pusha from u.s.: it would be to your benifit and best intrest to contact me i have a few things u might want to see and hear.

05/31/05 – JJ from Duke NC: I use ricky smiley on win mx

05/31/05 – JJ from Redick: I used Ricky Smiley to prank call

05/31/05 – yoda from holland: can you tap a phone to read sms?

05/30/05 – Alysia Fritz from Omaha, NE: Hi, I found your site VERY interesting! However, I still think my phone is tapped by my soon to be ex and I can not find out where from everything you have posted here? I really really need your help?

05/30/05 – BilliBob from Montreal, CAN: Is it possible to build a simple InLine recorder adapter and if possible, how do i ?

05/29/05 – joe from liverpool: hell taxi

05/26/05 – Heather from Texas: I suspect that my husband may be involved in drugs. i was wanting to tap his phone without him knowing. if i find out that he isnt, it will be alot easier to sleep at night. thanks, god bless ( any suggesstions email:

05/26/05 – TheNamelessAgain from SomWhere: try also looking for “Phreaking” guides, they are worth the pain to read, ohh and if you seriosly want to hear other people conversations you could save some money and go to your nearest SHRINK in the area ok, get a life. 1337 4 3v4 (n0 m0r3 1d1075 plz!)

05/26/05 – TheNameless from NoWhere: you can easily listen to digital cellphones conversations with a Motorola StarTac cellphone, wanna know how? look up in for “Motorola Bible” or “StarTac Engineer mode” etc, use your imagination (srry about da spelling dudes)


05/07/05 – maoby from pa: IDIOTS!!!!!!

05/07/05 – Chris from North Carolina: Anyone know a way to make unlimited over sea calls from a direct lan line using MCI’s Neighborhood complete overlaying off of Bell South? I’d prefer to not buyh any additional equipment if I could help it. I’m visually impaired, so this site was hard enough for me to get around. Could you e-mail me your answer please? Thanks, and God bless.

05/07/05 – cc from illinois: are you allowed to copy any of the article about tapping your phone. Last fall was the sixth time one of my neighbors was on my telephone line I could hear their conversations the first time it happened the telephone repairman said someone had tampered with the wires in the box on the telephone pole couldn’t prove it by me I am not mechanically inclined thanks for your article

05/03/05 – yw from IL: Would the Radip Shack wireless phone recording controller work with Verizon Samsung phone?

05/02/05 – Greg from Michigan: I make phone taps for home/business landlines. Remove the “NOSPAM”

04/30/05 – T.Man from Oregon: One word, Twickediwickediwacked………….

04/30/05 – Liz from California: My phone is new. Day, night, incoming, or outgoing – curing the call the phone goes dead. I can hang up, pick it up again and dial the same number which was interrupted. Phone company says they cannot locate any problem on the line or in the house. Can something or someone be interrupting my calls intentionally? Thanks

04/29/05 – TM from CAL: I keep getting strange stalkerish phone calls from blocked numbers… is there any way to tap my own phone to get the phone number of the caller?

04/27/05 – mic from utah: is it possible to splice the phone line directly into a mixing board? email me at

04/27/05 – van helsing from the lost city: fuck up u fucken bitch suck my dick

04/27/05 – ankit from india: please send me the setup of software(phonelosers) to send sound files


04/21/05 – douchebag from cali: you people are all paranoid

04/18/05 – whatever from usa: “goofy from ca” must be retarded..a woman shouldn’t worry about her man getting calls at “could be his lover or booty call”….????!!!!….back away from the crack pipe goofy aight?

04/17/05 – Sadettin from Turkey: If the goverment taps us we should have the right to do the same to them. I want justice

04/17/05 – metal face boss watcher from brooklyn, n.y.: im taking my ex boss to court for unemployment.and the only witnesses i have is my ex co workers.but they can testify against my boss for fear of losing thier jobs,so is it lawful for me to record me asking them shit about my shitty boss and using it as evience in court?i basically have no witnesses and thats the only way i can get some witnesses.i live in a one party state (new york).and i dont want to be sued by the corperation or anything like that.thanx

04/16/05 – Sophie from Uk: I think my mobile fone has been tapped we recorded what we had done, and wen we played it back we herd a tappin!! ???

04/15/05 – munir from india: can i use this in india

04/13/05 – fed up from cali: now ladies we must remember for every lye and dirty deede we find out about there must be vengance its good to always have naked pictures of his ass and if you dont get some make you a few 100 and post those mother fuckers all over the neighborhood work male bathrooms with his name and number ill be doing some posting in a few days. my philosophy is you STRAY YOU PAY!!!!!!!!!!

04/13/05 – fed up……. from cali as in fornia: flick all the bull if you dont have a social ss # just make a small purchase 380.00 for the GPS TRACKER at Budget get all the info you need. the deal is you can use it on every male bitch you encounter over and over MONEY WELL SPENT…IM OUT!!!!!!!

04/13/05 – fed up…… from cali as in fornia: Dont fret my sisters yes we are sick of the bull shit we get from these male bastards one good way to have access to the son of a bitches cell phone recrds is to have his social security number and go on line and open an acount as if you want to pay via the net…. BE WARE several days after you sign on he will recieve a letter from the co saying thank you for signing up for on line billing if its not you please call. YOU HAVE TIME TO COPY ALL RECORDS NEEDED XMAS VALENTINES DAY BIRTHDAY TO SEE

04/13/05 – richard from india: Can you tell few nokia devices that can be used to tap ohter’s cell phones….what is the procedure to tap it….plz…send an email to I am very eager to know it….plz….

04/12/05 – pete from maine: Let’s turn this technology on the our government officials and expose the bastards….

04/12/05 – dala moga from 145 Rockaway Avenue : order enquiry

04/11/05 – Taylor Somers from englewood,ohio: ok, are payphones tapped??

04/11/05 – Jeremy from somewhere close: I know my phuckin phone is being tapped..and I say phuck the assholes who are listening to my conversations. Phuckin Perverts…get an ear full.

04/08/05 – kim from michigan: when people call here they are telling us they hear a click then the ring is different what do you think?

04/08/05 – susan from california: my liveinboyfriend has cloned my metro pcs cell phone how was this done

04/06/05 – casper114 from ok: I looked this up because some OSBI agents came to my door yesterday morning looking for the guy who used to live in my apartment. They didn’t seem too convinced that he wasn’t still living there even though my girlfriend and I were the only ones on the lease. Well I really wish I could find out if they were “tapping” my phone line, not because im worried about anything but the way they came up on me was really crazy and intrusive. If anyone has any hints RE back. Thanks!

04/04/05 – goofy from ca: did u people not read what he wrote!! dont tap your loved ones lines and dont worry about when your boyfriend gets a call at two in the morning. it is probably some foo playing a prank and recording it…..Or it could be his lover or booty call

04/04/05 – DOC from NC: 90hour telephone recorder…. awesome with all cables etc

04/03/05 – connie from atlanta: are there effective but less costly devices to stop cell phone and cordless phone taping

04/03/05 – R from KCMO: Ana, If you have found a phone tap, call your attorney or find one…he/she would be the best to advise you… you would probably have to have evidence….I had a tape player and tapes…but they may know someone else you can call.

04/02/05 – Ana from California: my phone has been tapped by a military ex boyfriend what can I do?

04/02/05 – Filla from BridgePort: is it possible to tell if the police are taping your phone. also does an echo in the backround repeating your words mean your phone is taped

04/02/05 – from kcmo: I could have had my husband charged with a Class D felony at both the state and federal levels after finding the tap in my house. EVERY conversation…each person on the tapes could file separate charges…at up to $5000 apeice at the state level, and again at the federal level. In the meantime, while we are “working” things out…It’s serious, and foolish–even as a prank. Know your state’s laws–some states allow if ONE party knowledgeably consents. He’s lucky…I gave him a warning.

03/28/05 – Enforcer from Houston: Here is a product that makes it simple, will record everything directly from your cell phone

03/28/05 – Enforcer from Houston: Forward the calls on your cell to a land line and use one of the simpler recording devices to record the calls.

03/27/05 – NewYorker from NewYorkCity: Please help as if the police can not help me I will be obtaining a pistol permit with a conceal-carry license, something I never wanted to have. Any input or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

03/27/05 – NewYorker from New York City: I’ve been getting calls on my cell phone of a threatening nature from a troubled individual who claims to be standing outside of my home. I do believe the safety of my family is at risk. This is following a hostile dispute I had with a local popular pharmacy chain, which resulted in probably the firing of the employee and perhaps even the manager by the regional manager. Before going to the police I’d like to be able to record the caller’s voice on my Nextel i90c cell phone for some proof.

03/23/05 – ShiniGami from Earth: These posts are some of the funniest things I’ve read in awhile..Susan from Virginia, Your husband is probably talking to some 300 pound trailer trash guy that sounds like a chick. ROTFL.

03/21/05 – Monique from VA: How can I tap my boyfriends cellphone or is there a recorder I can place in the house that can pick up what he says on the cell phone

03/21/05 – Mark from Canada: To: Rudiger from Utah – the Diva Gem is a bluetooth MP3 player that also works as a cellphone headset that records your calls in MP3 format – haven’t tried it but can be found on eBay.

03/21/05 – mj from california: how can i tap my girlfriends cell phone

03/20/05 – rudiger from utah: Bluetooth mobile recording. I want to record my conversation on my Motorola MPX220 smartphone with bluetooth. Any suggestions?

03/17/05 – meh from location: ANGEL/2, what the hell does that mean?

03/16/05 – Aj from ohio: Just wanted to say thanks to JW from il. for his advice on how to detect a phone tap.I hadn’t been back to this site until today, and I just read the response. Needless to say, I still see the guy, just not that often, and he is still keeping tabs on me. I have bought a new phone, and I am off to check out the sites that were mentioned. Thanks again!

03/11/05 – Dave from DA: Personnaly I use Phone Spy for recording — http:/

03/09/05 – Arbie from Alton: A Parent: Or better yet, if they’d taken a better interest in their kids lives. They were making explosives. All they had to do was look in their own basement. Not tap the phones.

03/08/05 – Quincy Durant from MD/VA/DC: Does the phrase “This call may be recorded for quality purposes” announced at the beginning of a workplace phone constitute consent as long as it is used all the time and not intended to get info on a single caller??? This would be the best answere to the problem of getting the other party to consent to recording in states like MD.

03/08/05 – A Parent from Allentown, PA: Any concerned parent knows that protecting kids from themselves is part of the job. If there is reason to suspect a kid may be up to no good, finding out ahead of time could prevent real problems. I wonder how things might have been different with the Columbine incident if those parents monitored a few phone calls.

03/07/05 – Susan from Virginia: My husband is calling phone sex lines….i just want to record for my own information…I’m feeling like there is something I am not giving him and I want to know what it is….can the other party know i am taping? The other party is in Pennsylvania.

03/07/05 – acidburn from in the world: dude your web site is friken weird yet vey resourceful

03/06/05 – community from dade: when you record via your modem, do you record out going calls as well

03/03/05 – Isaac from California: can you give me an example of what recorder i could use? like what the product name and model is?

03/03/05 – uriel Perez from Delano,CA: On the movie bourne supremacy……What was that device that spy guy uses to tap that agents Cell phone?He took out the chip, made a copy and place it on his cell,able to herad others conversation.Can you plzgime me some info about it…..thanks…I want to listen to my girls phone calls…

03/02/05 – MNola from NO of La: (continuation of comment) Does this sound like my cell phone is being tapped….he has told me several things that seem really suspicious…not sure how he knows them….and it has happened using more than one phone number of mine and an updated Nokia as well…he hangs out with an ex-cop, and together they are pretty arrogant…….am I just paranoid? can anyone give me some insight on these noises on the cell?

03/02/05 – MNola from NO of La: many times when i have been on my cell phone, sometimes i hear a strange kind of echoing noise and then at some point in that conversation, my phone completely cuts out and the person I was talking to hears some very loud noise as if it were like a fax machine noise or something and then their line goes dead as well….do you think I am being tapped? there is a guy I have been seeing on and off who’s quite politically connected with family in legislature& police connections…

03/01/05 – telephreak from right outside your window: Digital Cellphone Eavesdropping and Monitoring is possible by using a Digital Data Interpreter (DDI), a Scanner and a P.C. The DDI interprets the digital signal from the scanner, then through specialized software. it converts the digital signal to voice.This is how Gov’t Agencies conduct surveillance on people they’ve targeted for investigation. The DDI is not (generally)available to the public, but there are ways of obtaining one.

03/01/05 – Yumicken from aus: Hey i never knew parents talked behind our backs so much, what did we ever do to them??in my area the kids are way smarter (SOME NOT MANY)than SOME of the parents, at ages like 12 – 18teenagers are supposed to be SMART, not dumb sexaholics

03/01/05 – Yumicken from aus: WTH is with some of you people! it seems like your all sick adults, (not everyone here) THATS sick trying to tape people for some of those reasons

02/25/05 – Going Crazy! from in VA: Is it legal in my state to call a cell phone from a landline phone and record the conversation without the other parties consent?

02/20/05 – Autistic Psycho from Lynn, MA: you cant.. its the goverment… they dont want you to know your tapping them. read the fucking article

02/20/05 – E Dog from Boston: How do you know if the government is tapping into your cell phone

02/19/05 – Alex from Lake Tahoe: Just get a modem recorder and call it a day you Freakos!!!

02/15/05 – jane dere from memphis: What’s the deal wirh the card recorders?

02/15/05 – Xero from : install a brand new phone line, routed from another house (or from their box etc…) and then we could cancel our second line aand have two seperate lines that both connected at 56kbps. You could try something like this, or just tell the phone company your phones have been acting weird and you’d like a tech to come down and look at your phone lines. He might be able to find something….Hope this helps….

02/15/05 – Xero from : Hey Kelley from home….I’m not sure how well this would work (and anyone can feel free to criticize me for this) but back when we used Dial Up to connect to the internet we had two phone lines (One for making calls and one for the internet. This split our connection on the internet down to 28.8kbps or less. We found out that each house in the area had two lines running into our house and if we wanted a thrid line the phone company would have to come down and….continued on next comment.

02/12/05 – robert from quebec: i want to get rid of the noise the modem is making on the line i am not able to record phone conversation

02/09/05 – Kelley from home: I’m 100% certain I’m being taped. Now…how do I find out for sure. I’m in Texas.

02/08/05 – mark from australia: how do i tap people’s phones that don’t live near me, but i know there numbers

02/04/05 – Dixie from California: Thank you for all the useful info on inline recording. I understand what you said about recording spouses and the trust thing, but when it comes down to a drug problem and the husband denying he’s using/selling/buying, I need to know so I can get us help. I’m going to Radio Shack at lunchtime and I just hope it’s not too complicated to set up on my own. Thanks again.

02/03/05 – Ardevi from Indonesia: How can to get the equipment of Tapping Cellular Phones

02/02/05 – Amy from Mideast: when I am talking on the phone I keep hearing a clicking sound does that mean my phone is tapped and in the background it sounds like a tape rewinding I want to make sure my husband is not recording my conversations if he would only trust me we wouldn’t have to go through this

01/31/05 – Harley from Cali: I still don’t know how to find out if a cellphone is tapped or not?

01/29/05 – pina from mississauga, ontario : I have a crank caller who calls my house and blocks the number they are calling from. Can I find out that phone number?

01/28/05 – Dave from WA: You can use Sound Snooper software as well:

01/26/05 – Brian from Toronto: This is a great site! I will get the Radio Shack unit and use it ONLY for comedic purposes. I hope someday soon my stuff will get out there for you all to enjoy. Cheers!

01/26/05 – Brian from Toronto: This is a great site! I will get the Radio Shack unit and use it ONLY for comedic purposes. I hope someday soon my stuff will get out there for you all to enjoy. Cheers!

01/23/05 – Luis from Massachusetts: Well… I dont really wana do it but how could I fake it?? like make her belive it?? Like if she comes in my room with the telephone she would say hey lol what are you doin?…. or could I just symply listen to her and then type what she said…. and use the phone upstairs and type what he is saying

01/23/05 – Luis from Massachusetts: Well… My name is Luis I like you page I wanted to tap my sister talking to her boyfriend I just wanted to do it but I dont have money to waste I have to try to do it she thinks I am and now I really wana do it.. if you have any help full ideas could you please email me?? @ Thank you… and by the way im 15 years old good night

01/23/05 – Anja from WA: I asked my step dad if he was recording my phone calls and he said it is for him to know. I am 12 years old, I AM NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE. I haven’t done anything to earn their distrust. Infact, I’ve never been grounded. Is it legal for them to record my calls without me knowing?

01/21/05 – Marie from Boston, MA: Very Informative info here! I was so excited when I recieved my Digital Voice recorder in the mail. I somehow found htis page by going to different serch engines. I was looking for a way to record cellur phone conversations. I purchased a -recording controller as stated on this site and I also purchased a headset. I have a samsung v205 cellphone. Everything fits into its sockets just fine but the only problem is that my new hands free headset once connected to my cell phone keeps redialing? Help

01/20/05 – local_drunk from inside bar: The federal Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2510 et seq., prohibits the willful interception of telephone communication by means of any electronic, mechanical, or other device without an applicable exemption. In the absence of more restrictive state law, it is permissible to intercept and record a telephone conversation if one or both of the parties to the call consents. Consent means authorization by only one participant in the call; single-party consent is p

01/20/05 – rebecca boyfriend from glen cove long island: REBECCA from LONG ISLAND: HOW DO I TAP MY BOYFRIENDS PHONE AT HIS JOB??? just headjob the dude who sit next to him at work then ask him to tape his phone call for you.easy as 321


01/19/05 – be2cute from canada: how do i find out if this women is tapping my cell phone?

01/17/05 – from chile: I have tapped my telephone tell me if I put a capasitor 10 nano faradio on the line I can to eliminate all or there are a easy and cheap way to get it thank you in advance

01/16/05 – ‘Staples’ from Northside Delaware: I found this information very informative. I bought the radioshack in-line pickup today, works good! thanks man.

01/16/05 – Snaydude from Mass.: I’ve gotten house calls on my scanner and found more becaused I listend

01/16/05 – Coojo from Bosco, IN: Hey, RC: Your pussy is very wet.

01/15/05 – Phate Phreak from bos: Refering to J from Washington on 12/30/04. Some phone will have a beep in the background to tell you when a minute has gone by (especially prepaid services/phones). If you were recently adjusting settings on your phone then you may have by mistake turned this feature on… you should refer to your phone manual to find out how to shut it off…. there is also this new internet invention that helps out a lot…. i dnt know if anyone here has heard of it, but it’s called google. i jst found out

01/11/05 – Paul Martin from Ottawa: Excellent site with useful and clear cut answers to all the questions I had. I agree with the webmaster in regards to parents spying on their kids! STOP IT! You’d be suprised how receptive your child can be when you SHOW them you CARE! And for you losers wanting to spy on your wife and girlfriends, get a life. What kind of a relationship is built on suspicion?

01/09/05 – Nicole from Utah: You can tap cell phones, but no one really does it except the government….

01/09/05 – Kadri from Turkey: my question is, How can we feel that caller side is recording our conversation with his record type phone machine? how will we know that?

01/08/05 – billy from houston, TX: hey. i got the inline recorder and hooked it up to my laptop. everything works great but the other persons voice is considerably lower than mine and there is a constant hiss in the background. i have tried 3 different phones and some noise reduction on cool edit. any suggestions?

01/06/05 – Andy from London, England: i want to tap my girlfirends cellphone could anyone tell me the software j was talking about above.

01/05/05 – KM from KC: Can the phone company detect a recording device in your home?

01/04/05 – jose from san diego: want to tap my girlfriend

12/30/04 – J from Washington: my cellphone has a small beep in the background sometimes while talking it has never done this before just recently started.. Should i worry?

12/14/04 – Martin Guerrero from South Gate,CA: How can you know how to tap into phone calls?

12/14/04 – mike from chicago: hey artie, your daughter is sexually active. i fucked her last night.

12/14/04 – tbone from chicago,ill: if anyone is looking for the best spy tools go to they have the best of every thing you could want.

12/12/04 – ANZ from caL: Tapping cell calls is easy need esn number though thats hard part

12/11/04 – Sheree from NC: My friend is getting divorced and her ex-to-be is a cop. She thinks he’s listening to her cell phone calls. She does have a digital? Do you think he can and if so, is there anyway she can detect it. She can’t afford to buy anything or pay anyone to find out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

12/09/04 – babyelle from jacksonville: A friend of mine just told me a couple of months ago that he has tapped my cell phone. I thought that was impossible but as it turns out, he knew about all my travel plans and things i talk about with my family. I am worried even though he told me that he could not afford to do it anymore but i am afraid he is still listening to my cell phone conversation. Is there a way I can detect my cell phone being tapped and if so by whom? I trully beleive that my phone is being tapped.

12/09/04 – Jeremiah from Loganville: Thats some funny shiz… Phone tapping rocks! i built my own phone tap and listen to all my neighbors have there naught conversations! ( ever the 86 yr old woman who calls all the free sex lines u know of.. SICK ) YOU ROCK

12/05/04 – Gary from GA: How can I conver cell phone into land phone and use cell phone on land line

12/04/04 – YO from DR: how can you program a cell phone to automaticly dial un unnoticed threeway conversation, everytime it operates? That wil be be a very usefull tapping system…

12/04/04 – bobandjimmys from england: do you know where you can get anyt of this stuff in the uk?or do i have to ship it from u.s?

12/03/04 – me, myself and i.. from u.k: where can you get this stuff in the uk..or do i have to get it sent over?

12/01/04 – dont worry from V.A: so what do u mean by the switch the goverment turns on if your being tapped?

11/29/04 – A.V. from Texas: Love the website. I feel my phones are tapped but still can’t figure out to know for sure. I have a 2.4 GHz cordless phone and a wall phone. Can someone still listen and record my phones calls without my permisson on these types of phones?

11/25/04 – filos from ontario: why is prepaid phones safe to use againsy government tapping. does the phone need to be under someone elses name?

11/25/04 – Innocent One from NY: Where can I get a CHEAP EASY device that tells me if MY phone line is tapped. I constantly hear someone picking up and listening.Its not from within my home. PLEASE HELP.

11/25/04 – JW from from Illinois: Continuation for AJ from Ohio…phone lines can also be tapped down the line and therefore you may never find that type of wiretap. Unless you buy a wiretap detector and they can range in price depending on quality. However they are very easy to use and very reliable. Some websites to get wiretap detectors are:,,, just to name a few. Anyway, the first place to check is your apt., then the Telco Room and if need be, buy a detector. Hope this helps.

11/25/04 – JW from from Illinois: Responding to AJ from Ohio…normally, all condos and apt. complexes have a room called a Telco room. This is normally a locked room, but not always…especially if the security there is lax. Anyway, the room has what is called a punch-down block (today called a patch panel) for all the phone lines in the condo. Whoever taps a line in a condo or apt. complex must know the exact lines going to your room. Sometimes they are labeled with the room number on the wires in the patch panel.

11/24/04 – Aj from Ohio: I forgot to mention with the boyfriend listening,I live in a condo complex. Where would I find that little box?

11/24/04 – Aj from Ohio: My boyfriend has been reciting parts of my conversations verbatim. Ex. I was talking with a friend on how much I love neck kisses, and within a day or two he started kissing my neck. I have been with him for about a year and a half, hed never done it b4, didn’t even know I liked it. That was a mild example at that.I looked in all three jacks in the house(blue/white,orange/white,yellow,black,red green) all are the same.I know something is recording me. How do I find out what and where?

11/17/04 – sondon from NY: Can you take a simms card and put it another phone

11/10/04 – Deborah M. Koch from Edwardsville, IL: An ex-friend of mine recently knew of a business transaction I was involved in. There is no possible way she could have know this unless she heard a phone conversation. I am puzzled, and want her to know nothing of my business transactions (which are, by the way, legitimate real estate transactions); I want her to know nothing of my life, however, am very concerned, because she knew of something that no one else knew of, except the person I performed the real estate transaction with.

11/05/04 – elessar from Kansas: Audacity is a good recording program – free and has a lot of features.

11/04/04 – Xanth Prime from Land of Beer and Cheese: What does this have to do with having sex with cats?

11/04/04 – marcus from erie pa: i think police have my cell phone tapped, how do i know for sure?

11/01/04 – noshow63 from oklahoma: what if you hear 3 beeps after dailing a number?

10/24/04 – Rick from Swampscott, MA: Your advice to people spying on wives and girlfriend’s is so right on target. Having done these things (successfully also), I now realize what a waste of time and emotional stress. Thanks for being so clear headed in your advice.

07/25/04 – urineamerica from seattle: continued—– anyway, I am wondering if anybody has heard about this sort of “open switch” bullshit. I am pretty sure that feds are tapping. If you have had a similiar issue, please let me know —

07/25/04 – urineamerica from seattle: My brother is in and out of prison for a variety of reasons some of which are not known to me. When he is out things start happening to my phone and my parents’. This last time, the day he got out. My dad picked up his phone and only heard static on the line. He called the phone company who told them that there was an open switch on his line and that he had to unplug all his phones in his house for ten minutes and that would reset the switch. The same thing happned to us about 3-4 years ago. ??

07/20/04 – dont no from dc: how can you redirect a phone call to a cell phone

07/19/04 – you are all fags from hell: y the hell would you ever try to tap into your husbands phone? if he is cheating on you you probably deserve it bcause you have either gotten fat and ugly or boring. try trimspa

07/17/04 – Shit Magnet from Virginia: I am going to try the software to record telephone calls. Husband is cheating but VERY sneaky, I have found two cells phones and lots of phone tapping devices in my home but I am NOT the one messing around. I would like to know IS THERE A WAY TO get is phone messages????? I have seen that listed alot.

07/12/04 – BIMBOY from SYDNEY: 3000 phone calls tapped in 4 months and $2mill bail for drug dealing…my friend had no idea he was being tapped..what are the detections of phone taps,i heard if you voice doubles over it means your being listened to?…plz explain.

07/05/04 – Mike from FL: Hey Artie, why don’t you try being a fucking dad and TALKING to your daughter instead of betraying her trust by spying on her. Idiot.

07/05/04 – Artie from Chicago: Daughter seems to be sexually active, can I record her conversations?

06/16/04 – wallace from australia: mvt 7300EU – a truly remarkable radio reciever cpable of 30 and 900mg recording

06/11/04 – dankaye from Detroit: You should probably mention that opening the “restricted” side of the SNI is a violation of federal law punishable by up to 10,000 fine and/or 5 years in prison.

05/30/04 – Jenn from .: The clear recordings on twpyhr were recorded using Vertitape. The beta version works the best.

05/29/04 – Exodus from : Good work. I’m happy to know our young phreakers are learning something.

04/14/04 – vom from us: wife busted me with Modemspy. It inconsistantly locks up the pc and the phone and leaves a nice message “Modem spy has caused a .dll error” So then my damn wife looked up Modemspy on the net…

04/06/04 – HH from New York: I’m trying to record to my PC (using the line in on my Soundblaster card) with the RadioShack 43-228 recorder, but the level is very very low, with some 60 Hz hum. I’ve already maxed my Windows Line In recording volume. Is there anything simple/cheap I can do to get the level higher? Thanx.

04/05/04 – megamanga from Australia: successfully recorded over 150 mad callers, from those telephone salespeople to technical support from my isp :D

03/28/04 – AaaSrv from los angeles: the differance between those two radio shack items that seem simiair is that one of them has to be hooked up between the phone and the jack, the other one can just have a regular line from the jack plugged into it and it will record calls from all the hpones in the house unlike the cheaper one.

03/22/04 – MD from America: The most common VCR tape is 6 hours, however, the 8 hour tapes are quite common, and BASF has even made a 10 hour tape (sometimes found at Tower Records). You can use the standard MiniDisk recorder in LP2 mode for 2 1/2 hours, or in LP4 mode for 5 hours. The Sony MD-Hi uses a different media, and compressed audio allows for up to 45 hours. For portability, plus clean sound, MiniDisk recorders beat tape recorders, unless you desire the auto control switch, which is very useful.

03/16/04 – Dr.Q from fafdsdrr: how would you record a conversation with a vcr? can you explain?good idea

03/13/04 – British from twin cities: For long conversations, a VCR would be an OK recording method. You could get up to 6 hours of recording time.

03/10/04 – Dr.Q from …: lilly, if you want to tap a phone and not get busted then just go tho the green/grey box out side the house unscrew it , take a mini tape recorder with voice-activated on it so it will record when she talks hook it up to the main phone line and come back in when ever… you may need to buy some crap from radio hack(radio shack) but it will pay off you can find most of this stuff here because this site is the coolest !!!

03/09/04 – lilly from canada: any ideas how i can tap to this woman’s home phone? and not get busted?

03/07/04 – Kimberly from Philadlephia, PA: I have a queston…..someone tapped phone without my permssion, can I sue this person?

02/22/04 – chaad from the 616 fo’ sheezy: in michigan you only need permission from ONE of the partys to record a conversation over the phone

02/16/04 – billy jack from up younder: every thing on here works great thanks for nothing

02/12/04 – “Bob” from Chattanooga: Helpful advice! Long live the PLA!

02/06/04 – edward from Argentina: Thanks for your useful info’ and sincerity!

02/05/04 – Banned In from Boston: Thanks for the tip about the 5$ Radio Shack device. I love your site!

01/31/04 – bustyrusty from earthly hell: 2 winapps worked for me. Modemspy (dial tone checks audible so not sleuthy)and VRS from NCH Swift Sound (voice activated picks up sounds near pc too)

01/28/04 – RC from Pennsylvania: Heard about a product called CellTap by JK Audio – here’s a review in Radio World — Anybody ever heard of this thing?

01/28/04 – RC from Pennsylvania: Sorry, from Pennsylvania. Is there a North Texas solution I could try?

01/28/04 – RC from Pennsylvania: The Radio Shack wireless phone recording controller cited above puts a throbbing buzz on the tape when I plug it into my motorola V120 phone. Any advice?

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