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Below you’ll find our extensive collection of articles. From tutorials to entertaining reading, you’ll find plenty of useful and fun information here.

Department Store Phones Let us show you how to have lots of fun with department store phones. From answering phone calls at a store to taking over the store’s paging system, this informative page will make your trips to retail stores fun for the whole family.

Freecycle Chaos Chronicles the fun RBCP had in 2005 with area Freecyclers

Identifying Unlisted Numbers Sometime you have a phone number and you need to know who it belongs to. This article will give you tips on how to get unlisted phone number information on your own. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself from people trying to obtain your unlisted number.

Recording Telephone Calls Not only will this article teach you how to record all of your home and cellular telephone calls, you’ll also learn about how phones are tapped and how cellular phone calls can be intercepted.

Peachey Learn about an IRC girl named Peachey, who only wanted to talk about rock music but soon found herself pwned by the PLA.

Jackass Here is an uplifting story about an unnamed man who thought up a very sensible way to deal with the stress of daily life.

Fun With Cordless Phones Learn how to listen in to cordless telephones using only and FM radio and seven nails! Actually, that’s a lie. But this article is still a pretty good read.

Freeze! Brad Kerr, State Policeman Here is an uplifting story about an unnamed man who thought up a very sensible way to deal with the stress of daily life.

Texas Department of Tourism This is a quite hilarious telephone transcript between Matt Burns and a Texas Department of Tourism representative.

Webmaster, Please! A somewhat amusing story about some slander posted on PLA’s Fruitwall.

Palm Hacker Programs In 2002, I wrote this article on hacker programs available for the Palm organizer. The article was a joke for April Fools Day but lots of people took it seriously. Here is the article and the responses to it.

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