Level 4 – Show Sponsorship – Quarterly Payments

For $50 every 3 months, you will be a sponsor of The Snow Plow Show podcast or a Hobosode. You will either be a sponsor of the entire show, or you will sponsor a segment of the show, or you will grouped with a few other sponsors. You will be a sponsor approximately every 2 months, though I’ll try my best to make it monthly.

You also get a screen credit on the main PLA YouTube channel and/or the Snow Plow Show YouTube channel at least every couple of months.

You’ll receive approximately 1 extra show per week, called a Hobosode. Hobosodes are usually around 15 minutes long and I try my best to do at least 1 per week.

And at this point, I’d probably do anything you want me to, within reason, such as recording a personalized voicemail or answering machine greeting for you, or following you on Twitter or Facebook, even if I hate you.

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