01/01/14 04:59:08 Posted by anonymous: Year of the cactus
01/01/14 18:41:23 Posted by anonymous: cactus is gay
01/01/14 20:48:31 Posted by anonymous: Now with more fiber
01/02/14 03:02:02 Posted by anonymous: Year of the cactus
01/02/14 17:30:39 Posted by Angry Old Man: Cactus THIS, cocksucker!
01/02/14 22:08:02 Posted by anonymous: Central Standard Time is the only FUCKING TIME BITCH!
01/02/14 22:57:09 Posted by anonymous: Eastern Standard Time is the only FUCKING TIME BITCH!
01/03/14 11:44:09 Posted by anonymous: Da Fuck is wrong with you eastern time telling mother fuckers?
01/03/14 18:12:42 Posted by anonymous: Completely racially tolerant
01/03/14 18:22:19 Posted by anonymous: I love Roy Gerbill
01/03/14 20:26:36 Posted by anonymous: I left a "LOG" in the fruitwall, and I did not flush!
01/04/14 10:21:23 Posted by anonymous: say cactus backwards !
01/04/14 10:22:02 Posted by anonymous: horse
01/04/14 11:16:44 Posted by anonymous: plug and chug
01/04/14 14:14:58 Posted by anonymous: Entertaining white trash since ...
01/04/14 17:32:16 Posted by anonymous: Entertaining AMERICA with CHILI PEPPERS!
01/04/14 22:16:03 Posted by anonymous: cactus
01/05/14 20:52:03 Posted by Serg: You'll never pronounce 'Plow' right again.
01/05/14 21:13:41 Posted by anonymous: Eat a ball sack of cactus cocks.
01/05/14 23:05:15 Posted by anonymous: Yumm Those where GOOD!!
01/06/14 12:43:27 Posted by anonymous: Answer the Cactus Taco, is has been ringing like a mother fucker!
01/06/14 19:32:00 Posted by anonymous: Palindrome
01/06/14 19:32:59 Posted by anonymous: Cactus
01/07/14 15:08:13 Posted by anonymous: MiCactus mother fuckers!
01/07/14 23:44:39 Posted by anonymous: GOT CACTUSDICK?
01/08/14 09:34:16 Posted by anonymous: Rainbow Dash is best pony
01/08/14 17:28:01 Posted by anonymous: Is it time to wax the goats?
01/08/14 22:52:19 Posted by anonymous: Yes, what are waiting for! WAX THOSE GOATS! NOW!!!
01/09/14 20:26:40 Posted by anonymous: No, I'm Mildred Monday !
01/10/14 02:00:28 Posted by anonymous: Duurr nurr dudududududadu highway to the dangerzone
01/10/14 10:28:18 Posted by anonymous: Ally is gey
01/10/14 12:03:28 Posted by anonymous: Andrew Walbecq IS A FAG
01/10/14 12:04:21 Posted by anonymous: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Derreck Leenders
01/10/14 17:03:15 Posted by anonymous: stop playing on thephonry ub
01/11/14 01:54:54 Posted by anonymous: That Cactus stole my wallet!
01/11/14 09:40:14 Posted by Paul Roy: Surprise cactus buttsecks is best cactus buttsecks.
01/11/14 13:06:57 Posted by Leenders: SEED THE OLD MEDIA PACK PLEASE!
01/11/14 14:39:18 Posted by anonymous: I want your seed Brad.
01/11/14 14:51:08 Posted by Carmen Ottinger: Oh, this cactus feels so good in my butthole!
01/12/14 00:59:22 Posted by anonymous: Payphones are gone. Thanks Obama
01/12/14 04:42:15 Posted by anonymous: MIXLR RBCP!!!
01/12/14 11:46:25 Posted by anonymous: rape is funny
01/12/14 13:47:16 Posted by anonymous: I'm being held captive in roy's basement.
01/12/14 18:05:05 Posted by Christopher Duffill: Definition of 'fun' - a game of Monopoly and a shag.
01/12/14 23:52:21 Posted by anonymous: Hitler was a niggger
01/13/14 05:12:27 Posted by anonymous: "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" Dr.Seuss
01/13/14 07:47:36 Posted by anonymous: attacked by a pigeon
01/13/14 22:17:02 Posted by anonymous: Brad sells toasters
01/13/14 23:51:31 Posted by Gina: Did anyone see the newest Big Bang Theory?
01/14/14 00:14:57 Posted by anonymous: i will vomit worms deep inside of your scabby vagina
01/14/14 07:12:10 Posted by anonymous: barnaby jack died lol, drugs cant kill me i am leet haxors.
01/14/14 22:20:29 Posted by anonymous: Your hard drive has been hacked and sold to Nigerian Scammers
01/14/14 23:05:32 Posted by anonymous: a cactus or a cactus and I'm running out of cactus. I need more cactus!!
01/15/14 11:51:24 Posted by anonymous: I'm Cactus yeah I'm Cactus, roll up to the desert with my spines missing
01/15/14 18:25:44 Posted by anonymous: "lol brad is gay"
01/15/14 18:26:13 Posted by anonymous: FUCK THE NIGGAS FO THEY R NIGGAS!
01/15/14 18:29:43 Posted by anonymous: brad is 100% gay
01/15/14 18:29:59 Posted by anonymous: brad is 100%3C gay
01/15/14 18:53:55 Posted by anonymous: COCK IN PUSSY MAKE ME HAPPY
01/16/14 04:33:14 Posted by anonymous: I remember the fruit wall
01/16/14 04:36:23 Posted by anonymous: Sorry for any inconvenience but the fruitwall is no longer functional.
01/16/14 05:58:00 Posted by RUWBQ-B56ZZ-B3VNH-6N5SP: Fuck
01/16/14 06:06:40 Posted by anonymous: We are the Phone Losers of America (because Mexico sucks!)
01/17/14 17:34:27 Posted by anonymous: Keep it down, cause my parents are sleeping!
01/17/14 19:01:58 Posted by RBCP: yiff yiff yiff yiffy yiffington
01/17/14 21:03:30 Posted by Ebo: Home of the Real Prank Calls!
01/18/14 23:03:54 Posted by anonymous: shit fuck piss stupid
01/18/14 23:04:26 Posted by anonymous: z0mg
01/19/14 04:58:08 Posted by anonymous: FEELING CACTARDED YET?? STICK AROUND. WE'LL GET YOU THERE.
01/19/14 10:15:35 Posted by anonymous: I am walrus!
01/19/14 10:18:06 Posted by anonymous: You don't who this is, but I know where you live!!
01/19/14 10:18:14 Posted by Dale Gribble: You don't who this is, but I know where you live!!
01/19/14 18:13:14 Posted by anonymous: i will vomit worms deep inside of your scabby vagina
01/19/14 19:25:48 Posted by anonymous: i will vomit worms deep inside of your scabby vagina
01/19/14 23:13:04 Posted by anonymous: Fünf Eins Neun , Zwei Sieben Drei, Zwei Sechs Drei Eins
01/20/14 01:41:02 Posted by anonymous: This cupcake tastes good
01/20/14 04:16:33 Posted by anonymous: Change is Good!
01/20/14 04:22:06 Posted by anonymous: Since 1913
01/20/14 05:25:55 Posted by faggoyt: faggoyt
01/20/14 10:48:58 Posted by anonymous: Over many unique visits daily!
01/20/14 12:56:43 Posted by anonymous: Disabled Try Again Later
01/20/14 21:46:46 Posted by anonymous: carlito is terminal.
01/20/14 22:43:01 Posted by anonymous: Why do poots always escape when I am talking to hot cactuses?
01/20/14 23:09:21 Posted by laura baker: your voice is like honey flowing over rocks of sexiness
01/21/14 00:31:09 Posted by anonymous: HAPPY WHITE POWER DAY!!
01/21/14 02:58:28 Posted by anonymous: NO
01/21/14 11:54:36 Posted by anonymous: NO!
01/21/14 12:58:11 Posted by anonymous: FUCK YOU!
01/21/14 12:58:18 Posted by anonymous: FUCK YOU!
01/21/14 13:04:01 Posted by anonymous: GO AWAY!
01/21/14 18:22:04 Posted by prenos: the background color of this website suck
01/22/14 04:35:11 Posted by anonymous: Jizz Monkey
01/22/14 08:50:56 Posted by anonymous: Pray you don't become like matt.
01/22/14 12:34:03 Posted by anonymous: 3 men, 1 bed & cocktus
01/22/14 16:04:41 Posted by Alan: Have you lost a phone in America?
01/22/14 21:21:26 Posted by anonymous: Linux sucks, ya penguin fuckers!
01/22/14 22:00:32 Posted by anonymous: Gentoo is for communists
01/22/14 22:04:12 Posted by anonymous: Install gentoo and you'll receive a free penguin fuck doll
01/22/14 22:17:18 Posted by anonymous: Gentoo killed my brother and raped my mother
01/22/14 22:43:19 Posted by anonymous: I wanna be the very best, the best there ever was
01/22/14 22:58:43 Posted by anonymous: yourmomshould.installgentoo.net
01/23/14 00:50:37 Posted by Leon Trotsky: BRING BACK GENTOO COMMUNISM!!!!!
01/23/14 01:54:10 Posted by evil dimension RBCP: Matt Hill0ck farts on Gentoo!
01/23/14 04:01:14 Posted by anonymous: No right, no wrong, no rules for me, I'm free
01/23/14 10:23:42 Posted by anonymous:
01/23/14 18:23:35 Posted by TickleMeShitlzz: Salutations from Wiz Tech!
01/23/14 18:32:42 Posted by anonymous: Place Text Here
01/23/14 20:32:14 Posted by adolph hittler: hello
01/23/14 20:35:26 Posted by Adolph: That kind of cactus code is not allowed around here, pal. Try again.
01/23/14 21:13:06 Posted by Thugnasty: space donkey rulzzz!!!
01/23/14 21:16:37 Posted by anonymous: space donkey rulzzz!!! just kiddin
01/23/14 21:27:39 Posted by anonymous: i take the space donkey shit back -_-
01/23/14 23:32:48 Posted by NSDAP: Hitler = Gentoo
01/24/14 04:00:33 Posted by anonymous: I just ordered a thousand cacti seeds off of the internet.
01/24/14 18:14:47 Posted by fruutie: No.
01/24/14 23:52:40 Posted by anonymous: HACK DOS MACHINES
01/25/14 11:47:47 Posted by anonymous: Cactus Bowl Anyone?
01/25/14 12:20:27 Posted by anonymous: does anybody care anymore
01/25/14 17:48:29 Posted by anonymous: nniiggeerr
01/25/14 19:59:35 Posted by Leenders749: That shit on your lip has some shit on it's lip.
01/25/14 21:12:54 Posted by anonymous: sandpaper vaginas
01/25/14 21:48:50 Posted by anonymous: vomiting deep inside of your scabby vagina
01/26/14 00:49:49 Posted by anonymous: you should use Puppy Linux!
01/26/14 14:14:01 Posted by anonymous: i will vomit worms deep inside of your scabby vagina
01/26/14 19:06:34 Posted by anonymous: get a life
07/12/14 22:21:49 Posted by spacebison: Hey! Hey! I'm on the fruitwall!!
07/16/14 15:10:08 Posted by anonymous: Na nanna na na na na na na CACTUS!
07/16/14 19:27:34 Posted by anonymous: WHERE'S THE GODDAMN FRUIT WALL.
07/18/14 03:07:49 Posted by king o lawn: eat a fece
07/29/14 12:46:38 Posted by Michelle: Candle cooing cunts!
07/30/14 17:42:34 Posted by anonymous: Rob T Firefly hearts you.
08/12/14 13:36:52 Posted by Chris: When a cactus does cactus, cactus the cactus cactus.
08/16/14 16:57:59 Posted by anonymous: Check out my null modem!
08/26/14 12:43:58 Posted by John: Feyv won nein tew svn tree tew cix tri won
09/12/14 17:07:48 Posted by cactus: I love a good fruitwall in the morning.
10/12/14 20:41:56 Posted by cactus: I miss the fruit wall more than I miss cookies-n-creme twix
10/12/14 20:44:17 Posted by Mop Named Gloria: Ride me like a witch
10/12/14 20:52:31 Posted by Stalin_Without_The_Charm: Stalin_Without_The_Charm
10/12/14 20:55:12 Posted by log and pick out : hits per day so
10/19/14 19:58:54 Posted by M: I fell into the twilight zone because i listened to a loser on the phone
01/25/15 19:45:18 Posted by Cactus: #YOLO #SWAG
01/25/15 19:58:45 Posted by #YOLO: Website vandalism = #SWAG
01/25/15 20:08:31 Posted by anonymousemail: You can send email's to anybody using emkei.cz - anonymous email FTW
01/25/15 20:09:51 Posted by goddamn: fuck shit cunt panties pussy slut whore retard
01/29/15 15:21:36 Posted by anonymous: darude
02/07/15 18:03:26 Posted by anonymous: fruit wall fruit wall I'm writing on the fruit wall
02/11/15 11:29:42 Posted by influx: hello from utah
03/14/15 17:07:46 Posted by Tutti Fruitti: Tut Tut Tut Hey Oh Fruitwall!
04/10/15 14:34:28 Posted by anonymous: Hacked by the Chinese!!
04/26/15 17:50:15 Posted by anonymous: Crazy Phone Hacking Elitists
04/26/15 18:00:00 Posted by IAMGOD: TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER
07/16/15 23:21:32 Posted by Danger Doom: Mutha fuckin test, mutha fucka
08/17/15 21:42:28 Posted by spacebison: I love the fruitwall!
09/16/15 04:25:12 Posted by anonymous: Cactus.
09/27/15 23:59:30 Posted by Sezen: RIP S1acker I miss you buddy
10/28/15 20:02:24 Posted by anonymous: CACTUS?......
11/18/15 14:57:31 Posted by spacebison: Sometimes, I just want to sign, and dance, and fly!!!!
01/05/16 20:48:45 Posted by RIP Fruitwall: A new year, and still no fruitwall
03/12/16 15:23:57 Posted by Please Roy: Bring back fruit wall ;_;
05/01/16 18:05:51 Posted by PLa: Intercom picks up , "CUSTOMER SERVICE TO THE ANAL MASSAGE ROOM!'
05/12/16 18:54:12 Posted by Jimmy McBeeGees: PLA: The Burning Man Experience.
06/24/16 19:07:32 Posted by Xyzqwa: Bring the fucking fruitwall back you motherfucker
07/03/16 19:36:01 Posted by AdamKane: Smoke Cigarettes And Gamble
07/14/16 11:12:33 Posted by Tron: Show us your cactus!
07/31/16 17:59:32 Posted by spacebison: hey hey I'm on the fruitwall!!!!! cactus!
12/06/16 13:05:43 Posted by AmigaDOS: To live the cactus is to live like no man.
02/27/17 09:09:12 Posted by Crad Barter: Hey, Brad!!!!
05/25/17 21:28:46 Posted by anonymous: Change is Good!
06/07/17 21:27:18 Posted by spacebison: Obey the cactus!
07/28/17 22:23:02 Posted by Gregory Joseph: RIP Fruitwall
08/03/17 22:43:19 Posted by spacebison: The cactus is known for its loyalty and its obedience. Stay. Good cactus.
09/05/17 02:50:46 Posted by Barry Weir: Hank Layfield shags goats.
01/05/18 20:28:49 Posted by Roy Gerbil: Porcine Chungo
03/15/18 11:17:02 Posted by Fluffynut: Build the fruit wall and make Mexico pay for it!
08/28/18 17:19:45 Posted by Cactus: I told you the aliens were here...
12/21/18 15:01:03 Posted by MajorOxen: Hmm, does this thing still work?
01/01/19 01:30:34 Posted by anonymous: BUG-RUGS
07/01/19 01:30:54 Posted by dtx: does this shit still work?
08/04/19 14:57:30 Posted by anonymous: Cactus
11/06/19 09:09:33 Posted by m0psy: Taco Bravo, Campbell, California!
02/23/20 19:04:02 Posted by spacebison: i love you
03/24/20 08:49:57 Posted by idiotcomic: Stuffing Gerbils in Our Pants Since The Mid Nineties
04/14/20 10:38:19 Posted by phreakin5ess: All hail the PLA, if you don't love them then you are gay
05/09/20 09:42:54 Posted by Jimmy Fish: Da fuq da police doin here?
06/08/20 23:32:00 Posted by Gill_Gates: Bring back the fruit wall BRAD
09/07/20 23:50:05 Posted by anonymous: testing wun tuu three
11/20/20 18:19:20 Posted by anonymous: Yeah bring back the fruitwall... MOTHERFUCKER.
02/23/21 18:35:37 Posted by fred herbert: quit calling me!
03/31/21 19:53:20 Posted by spacebison: For a good time, visit your local truck stop glory hole.
04/12/21 09:56:00 Posted by Nįgger Exterminator: The Day lf
07/16/21 17:55:49 Posted by Juan: Roy the good u sick twisted perv
10/03/21 18:07:20 Posted by astrobuffalo: Bring back the fruit wall!
05/30/22 16:09:16 Posted by Brad Carter: I'm Brad Carter and I approve this fruitwall.
09/07/22 17:10:27 Posted by spacebison: I love you
11/03/22 17:54:23 Posted by Dipshit McGee: Waffles are pancakes with potholes. That’s it.
11/09/22 17:36:08 Posted by Courthouse Guy: It's twevle oclock in the fucking midnight, damn you!
11/09/22 17:38:42 Posted by spacebison: I wanna be a railroad hobo when I grow up.
12/13/22 22:47:15 Posted by Cactus this Cocksucker: The location for PLA Con is in my pants.