The Prank Call Nation Prank Victim Talking Clock

This is the official The Prank Call Nation Prank Victim Talking Clock. It announces the time in an angry prank victim voice, mostly in the late night hours from around 10pm to 4am. It uses clips from prank phone calls where angry prank victims angrily yell the time at us, so right now only a handful of times are in the clock. The time you hear when you first load this page is just a random time from the clock.

I'm still working on this. If you leave this page running in the evening/night/early morning, it will automatically announce the times. The current time is 8:45 Pacific Standard Time. There will be support for other time zones on here one of these years.

Everyone give UtahKurt lots of hugz for motivating me to do this. He's responsible for nearly all of the sound clips you'll hear on this page. Thanks, Tabachi, for the clock displaying script. Thanks to everyone else who's helped too!